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Application Process

The application process for residency at Dubie’s Love is a multi-step, but efficient process. When one's family member is considering residency at Dubie’s Love, we realize and respect the fact that there is a period of adjustment. To prepare for this, prospective residents  are welcome to visit us for a day or overnight visit. This gives the resident the opportunity to learn more about Dubie’s Love, and it also gives the staff and administration of Dubie’s Love the opportunity to get to know the prospective resident.


Most of the residents who come to live at Dubie’s Love have never lived away from home before. When our residents leave their home for the first time and move to Dubie’s Love, it presents a new dynamic in the family that never existed before. During this period of adjustment, and after, our staff, administration and board all take part in working with the family to ensure that the transition is as seamless as possible. 


We look forward to the opportunity to help your family as your family member learns to be, to the extent of their abilities, as independent as possible. If you your loved one is eligible, please contact us.

Abbey House

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